Here is a list of the instruments and parts that I have for sale

Steinway- 1910 upright foot pumped 65/88 note. This piano is in nice original condition and has an Aeolian player action capable of playing both 65 and 88 note music rolls

Seeburg- Early model A in poor condition for parts or restoration

Seeburg- Nice KT Special completely restored and ready to play and enjoy

Chickering- Ampico in a nice Queen Ann cabinet. This piano is a 5’4” late production Ampico built in 1928, average condition.

Nickelodeon- Nice stafford built accordion piano that plays Coinola A rolls. Has an accordian, bass drum, tamborine, wood block, mandolin rail and triangle. Nice conditon and ready to enjoy.

Ampico- 2 complete player units for grand pianos. One model A and one model B. Some spare Ampico expression components and drawer parts.

Reproduco- Parts of a Reproduco. Rear pipe chest and Blower assembly. Pneumatic stack and a few other components.

Please let me know if you have an interest in any of these instruments or parts.